Faq about Uk driving license

-A picture of your Provisional License.
-A 4×4 photo of the individual.
-Signature of the individual on a white A4 paper.
-Meanwhile the rest details will be on the Provisional License.
-Lastly an upfront pay of 30%

For the Theory alone it takes 5 working days, meanwhile for the Practical and Full license it takes 7 working days. But if you need the Full License at once which consist of the Theory, Practical and Full License, it will take 5 to 10 working days.

Yes we do RENEWAL of Licenses and also issue new Licenses for those who lost, damaged or their Licenses were stolen. We can issue you a new one within 3 working days.

Yes we can issue you the provisional license within 5 working days if all your necessary documents are available. You will have to contact us for more about these documents.

That is easy for us since we have workers directly in the system. So yes we clear out points from your license.

Note we don’t just produce hard copy documents, all your details will be entered into the main DATABASE and when your CERTIFICATE OR Uk driving license is out you will have to verify and check it online by yourself to make sure everything is REAL and VALID. So if you are being checked by the police or any Government Official you can give your license boldly for them to check since all your details will be in the system and they will see it there.